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"Hey Kareen... who should I hire?"


Wish you could ask Siri or Alexa strategic business questions?
Wish you could receive consistent, real support from an expert?
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A message from Kareen...


If you're feeling stuck...

as an entrepreneur, having a quick, insightful dialogue while in it is the ideal way to get unstuck and ready to jump back into action.

I decided to launch a new way to get that exact type of advice, feedback and support through my new monthly subscription service called Hey Kareen!

This is your chance to get real, action-based guidance from me at a moment's notice!


Meet Kareen

I have been running Revampologist, a top 7-figure consulting and coaching firm since 2012. Entrepreneur Magazine just named me one of the Disruptive Entrepreneurs entering 2023!

Working with clients like BlackRock, Groupon, Broadridge, CCMC, Drip Hydration, and many other start up C-Suite founders over the years and do you know what they all have in common? They all needed clarity and strategic planning on how to execute against their vision. Most of all they wanted to take clear aligned action. A leader's ability to be able to reach out and ask for support gives them an edge in their impactful career that I love being a part of!

I was getting feedback from my clients that said they wished they could carry me around in their pocket, and just ask me questions when they were in the thick of it, so I created Hey Kareen. Plus, I know not everyone has reached an earnings level that can invest in my 1:1 coaching containers (Current ad hoc 1:1 sessions are $875/session), so I wanted to design something that was accessible on the go! 

If you wish you could carry a strategic business coach around in your pocket, and get the directional advice you need, then you are going to love how supportive you will feel through this form of access to me. 

I am a no BS and action oriented coach, so take action now and jump in now!


"Hey Kareen... what do I get for joining?

For only $495, you will receive:

  • Access to Exclusive Hey Kareen?! Voxer Group
  • Accountability Prompts to stay in aligned action
  • Access to Kareen's resource library of business building frameworks to build a 7-figure business
  • 1 Monthly Live Retrospective Call with Kareen
  • 10% off any 1:1 coaching packages I offer in the months you are active with Hey Kareen?!
  • Plus FREE Access to SLP Accelerator Replay!

This monthly subscription is designed to ensure you feel
supported by a 7 Figure Business Coach, while you are actively
building your business or side hustle.


To put it simply, you gain...

Four Weeks of  unlimited access to a 7-Figure Business Coach for less than the cost of a SINGLE 1:1 session per month!

"Hey Kareen... how does it work?"

The Hey Kareen coaching service is a monthly subscription to gain access to a private group that I facilitate via voice messaging platform Voxer. 

If the questions come in during my office hours, you can expect an energizing, live dialogue!

You will also receive access to my resource library of tools that will help you clarify your vision, strategically plan your next steps, and jump into aligned action.

Love having access to a private community of experts like I do? Then this is the ultimate way to get connected. 

Join this month's group before enrollment closes and kick off 4 weeks of accelerated growth for your business!


Get unstuck today, receive the guidance and accountability you have been looking for!


Things you might be asking...

Psst...if you want to step into aligned action this month, join Kareen's monthly FREE Retrospective call.

This call leverages her key questions to help you know exactly what to do next.

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