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Hey Kareen, what is your conscious business building methodology?

Aug 02, 2023

Great question! My conscious business building methodology takes my clients through six phases of building a business that has a clear strategy, purpose, and helps you define who you need to become to lead it. It's one thing to have an idea for a business, it's another entirely if you are trying to scale it to bring you consistent sustainable income as you serve your clients.

I call this my EVOLVE methodology. It is an acronym for the phases we go through together in order to build a business that is aligned with your lifestyle. I believe that entrepreneurs desire freedom, the ability to invest in, and spend time the way they desire. Most entrepreneurs start as solopreneurs and create jobs for themselves, vs. a business structure with a team they can lead to help their vision come to life. It is the lightbulb that switches on when you go through this methodology and allows you to build a business that reaps a return. 

The EVOLVE method is facilitated in an immersive way for us to assess and structure your business model for the best outcome in earnings, and also allows us to release what is not working. We review your role in the business, assess the gaps, and put together a 12 month plan against the initial goals to build a stable foundation of earnings. 


I am sure your next question is going to be, how do I engage in the EVOLVE method? If you are looking for immersive work with me to leverage my frameworks for conscious business building, fill out this form. By filling it out, you are initiating your qualification process to either work with me 1:1 or be a member of one of my group coaching programs. You are going to love how clear you feel, and what you are able to accomplish by applying the EVOLVE method to your business practice. 

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