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Hey Kareen, How do I determine who to hire next?

hey kareen hiring Mar 27, 2023

Hey Kareen, how do I determine who to hire next?
It’s the number one question I get from entrepreneurs who want to scale their business but have been doing all the things in their business.

Biggest lesson I learned scaling your 7 figures in business was that I had to get out of my own way and stop doing tasks in my business that were not aligned with my zone of genius but needed to get done in the business.

I put together a list of all the tasks I do in my business, and quickly found I needed a few people to hire next to complete all this work so I could focus on the growth of my business which I love so much!!

Step 1 - Take Inventory of all you tasks in your business. Make a list and don't leave anything out. (Even if changing the toilet paper roll is one of them. ;))

Step 2 - Rank what lights you up on a scale of 1-10 across all the tasks you just listed. Be Honest! 10/10 are the things that you could do all day and who feel amazing that you accomplished it, that you get to do it!

Step 3 - Take the tasks that are under a score of 8 and start to group them together. This is how you start a job description for the things you need to hire for next. Don't be surprised if multiple jobs come out of this exercise. You may need multiple people part time to take it off your plate. 

When you hire for the things that don't light you up but light others up to do that task, you are able to feel more fulfilled in your work and start to focus on how to scale and build your business. 

Do this exercise today and see what tasks turn into someone else’s job description and go hire for that. See how fast you will propel forward when you stay in your zone and continue to master it and let others join you in theirs.

Make sure to let me know how this exercise helped you by sharing it with me via email, or posting it on linkedin or instagram and tagging me. I love hearing from you!

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